Skin tightening at home

Healthy lifestyle and skin care allow us to keep our youth and beauty. But there comes a time when the skin requires special care – otherwise it loses its elasticity and smoothness, fades, wrinkles and folds appear. Of course, in the big cities with the aggressive environment it happens much more frequently than in the quiet little towns, and this has to be considered.

How can postpone the aging of skin, keep it healthy and fresh, if it has to withstand the impact of aggressive factors every day? Some women believe that the best way is plastic surgery – like movie stars and people of show business.

Skin tighteningIt must be said however, that not all of the stars have resorted to this drastic solution. They realize that health is the most important and prefer effective cosmetics, hardware cosmetology, massage, etc. By the way, some of them follow the diet much stricter than we can imagine.

Face skin tightening at home

So we will try to tell a little about how you can tighten skin without surgery, and even without the expensive beauty salons, by caring for your skin at home. The only condition required for home treatments to be effective is regularity. If you believe that you have no time for regular treatments, you should not start at all and – the effect will be temporary, and you will only get frustrated.face tightening

Of course, home skin tightening cannot always help: for example, if you have sagging skin on the neck, and the wrinkles are very deep, visiting salon or clinic will still be necessary. But it’s possible to successfully fight such problems as stopping facial contours deformation, improving skin tone, restoring its elasticity and removing wrinkles.

Skin tightening methods

The easiest way to use a purchased cosmetics home and today there is a lot of such cosmetics on the market. However, the choice of such means should be taken very seriously, as each person is unique. It is necessary to take into account your skin type, age, particularly health and more.

Ways of surface skin tightening

face skinWomen often use so-called surface skin tightening means, forming a firm film on the skin. Thus, the skin gets tight and the shape of the face is aligned for a short time. Manufacturers call them cosmetics with immediate effect, and for a time they make a person younger and more beautiful. They are ideal for use as a quick means – for example, when it is necessary to attend any important event or soiree.

The film can remain for a day or a few hours, and then washed off with decorative cosmetics – it is clear that this is the masking of the problem rather than the solution.

Deep skin tightening

Unlike the surface active agents, agents with the effect of deep-lift really improve the skin, rejuvenate and refresh it. In this case, the impact is much deeper – the elements of cosmetics penetrate the skin and enhance the production of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans – the substances involved in the processes of regeneration and “gluing” the connective tissue fibers. The complexion after using these tools to really improved, the skin tightens and becomes more elastic, but it is not as fast as in the case of the surface lifting.

The course of such cosmetics usage can range from several months to a year – it depends on the condition of the skin. But then biologically active substances accumulate in the skin and the skin can maintain itself to be young and healthy.

Home remedies for skin tightening

In addition to creams, gels, serums, lotions and tonics, tightening masks for the face and neck are a very effective means, including nutritional and cleansing ones. Masks with therapeutic muds are good: they cleanse the skin, improve metabolism and blood circulation, and this all helps to speed up the regeneration processes in cells. Masks should be done at least 2-3 times a week to get lasting results.

Massage for facelift

face masksSelf-massage of the face will strengthen the masks effect: skin will be more actively get rid of toxins and absorb the material it needs, improve muscle tone, and dead skin cells will flake faster. Swelling, wrinkles and sagging disappear; the skin will look younger and fresher.

Massage, like masks, is needed to be done 2-3 times a week – the face and hands should be absolutely clean during the process. Below are some simple exercises – each can be carried out up to 6-7 times:

  • two fingers should carefully smooth out the cheeks skin – from the nose wings to the temples;
  • smooth out the skin on the forehead in the same way, but from the bottom up, from the eyebrows to the hair;
  • use all the fingers of the hand to smooth out the cheeks skin in the direction of the ear lobe, from the middle of the chin;
  • lightly massage the area under the jaw with the back of the fingers.

D’Arsonval for the skin health

Restoring of aging skin tone is possible not only with makeup, but also by a procedure d’arsonvalization. The device is called d’Arsonval – by the name of its creator, a French scientist who works on the skin by high frequency currents. This all can be done at home simply and easily. It’s easy to buy the device, it’s not too expensive. It will work for a long time, allowing you to constantly maintain skin elasticity and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. D’Arsonval also helps to get rid of acne, restores the ability of skin to retain moisture. It even can stop hair loss when applied to the scalp.

Masks for facelift

face liftNatural remedies may be no less effective than the expensive modern beauty products, when applied patiently and regularly, combined with massage, exercise, water treatments and proper nutrition. Natural remedies don’t provide quick effect but they are more useful and beneficial for the skin. It is best to apply the homemade mask after a massage – you can choose whatever you like.

Olive oil mask

Mask with olive oil right tightens the skin well. Oil (1 tablespoon) mixed with egg yolk and lemon juice (5-6 drops) – apply to the face for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

Butter mask

Butter also works great – it must be mixed with camphor spirit. Triturate 50 g of oil with two yolks; gradually add any vegetable oil (3 tbsp.), glycerol (0.5 tbsp.), and chamomile tea (half cup). The last step is to add alcohol (30 g), stir the mixture the resulting cream is to be applied to the face and hold 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. The cream can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. During that time you can use it 2-3 times.

Wheat flour mask

Mask with wheat flour tightens and nourishes the skin. Whisk in the egg until you see foam, add salt (1 teaspoon) and vegetable oil (50 g). Wheat flour (25 g) need to be poured with water (0.25 L) and boiled separately until thick. Pour a cup of cold water into the prepared mass from the top to avoid formation of a film during cool-down phase then the water is drained. Add the flour to the egg-oil mix and whisk until a cream – you can add a little water. The mixture is to be applied to the face for 20-30 minutes.

Berries mask

Mask of fresh berries will help to return the skin fresh and youthful look: raspberries, strawberries, mountain ash, cranberries, etc.

Contrasting washing for skin tightening

darsonvalContrast washing or rubbing the face with ice also helps to tighten the skin at home. It is best to use frozen broths of herbs, for example – calendula flowers (2 tablespoons) and as much fresh parsley pour boiling water (400 ml), but in a separate bowl. After 40 minutes, the infusion is poured into molds and put in the freezer. Cubes from this infusion can be used to rub the face skin every morning: start wiping with cubes of calendula infusion, and finish the procedure with a cube infusion of parsley.

It is possible to apply contrast compresses to the face. Use not water but the same broths of herbs (dandelion, chamomile, sage, etc.) in them. First apply hot one – for 2-3 minutes, then cool one – for a few seconds. Change compresses 5-10 times, and repeat this procedure up to 3 times a week.

Women have learned to use these methods long ago, when there were no beauty salons and plastic surgery, and they were able to stay beautiful until old age.

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