8 Career Options and Industries For Estheticians

Getting licensed and certified by your state for Skin Care is not easy, it needs a lot of work, study, training and preparation, but your license does not mean a job, and most of the beauty schools around the country promis students with placement after graduating or any kind of help finding jobs and getting hired, which is not true all the time, most of the cases you need to find out what you want to do after you get you Esthetician license, and working in a daily salon is not the only option out there for licensed estheticians, here is some industries and job titles that you can go for with your skin care license as a career options

Beauty Industry

That’s the Top popular industry for most of the licensed skin care students, simply there’s always a high demand for experienced estheticians, and you are going to find a job opportunity mostly in:

  • Daily Spa and Salons: if you got the right experience, with a friendly personality, there is always a room for you to practice your services in a daily Spa or a beauty salon
  • Makeup artist: if you deliver art using makeup, you might need to look into makeup artist jobs opening, you can work everywhere, with photographers, weddings, salons, model agencies, clothing companies, and even camouflage therapy

Cosmetic Product Development

As a product developer you work on creating new products for skin care companies, it’s all about cosmetic chemistry and ingredients, you might need to look for an extra program in one of those universities and colleges who offer a wide range of different chemistry majors

Government Opening

As a licensed esthetician, and a experienced cosmetologist you can with government as a:

  • State Examiner: persons who prepare and conduct exams, create rules, investigate any kind of complains
  • State Inspector: work as a daily inspector to make sure that all spas and salons around the state follow the rules and provide good services and consumer experience
  • State Board Member: helping with examination, inspecting schools and training programs, checking the educational materials and environment in schools around the state

Medical industry

Medical Skin care Specialist, Aestheticians or Medical Estheticians are all the same title for experienced skin care persons who work in Medical industry, dermatology and plastic surgery offices

Educator / Teacher

Education is one of these options that everybody can work in as long as you follow the rules, get enough experience and the right certificate and license in the right field. Teaching students and training them a program about skin care could be more fun than you imagine if you like education environment

Sales industry

Everybody has a sales skill can work in sales industry, and as a skin care specialist, you are a sale person but you don’t know it, whether you give your friends/customer an advice about a product and show them how to use it, you are selling them a product without even you realize it, if you find yourself doing good with these techniques, try to start selling beauty products, you could be:

  • Sales Person
  • Manufacturer representative
  • Cosmetic buyer/consultant for others for good

NOTE: Remember that selling products or giving people advises about certain brands is not only about money, so stop selling whatever in order to generate income, helping people comes first!

Cosmetics writer, Beauty Editor

Love writing and providing good content for readers? this is your opportunity to start writng about what you love, no matter whether for yourself, other people websites, magazines or newspaper, or even write your personal book if you feel like you have something that people might be interested in

Create your own business

That’s my Favorite, Why? because you can do all of the job titles above in one thing, creating your own business, being an entrepreneur in beauty industry is pretty interesting and competing, you can start your own spa, salon, create your own product and develop a new brand, open a school, or be a freelancer or a Mobile Esthetician, where you can practice skin care services in people’s place

Have an idea about a Skin Care career option? please let me know and I’ll be very happy to discuss it.



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