Sun Damaged Skin Treatment And Tips

We just left the summer season, and we all had a good and bad experiences with the sun trying to deal with its effects on our skin, most of my friends and patients ask me about how different is it to treat a sun damaged skin, and what are the reasons basically for this kind of damage, and how we know our skin really affected.

Sun Damaged skin reasons

Every day we are exposed to the sun, which makes our skin feel great and gives it more energy. People think while they are not going to the beach they wouldn’t need sunscreen or sun protection! They are wrong, we are exposed everyday directly to the sun during our daily activities, the ultraviolet radiation can also penetrate directly in our skin.

The Melanin is the pigment that protects us from the sun, also it produces the final color of the skin, Melanin production is stimulated by exposure to sunlight and protects the cells below by absorption and blocking UV radiation. The Ultraviolet (UV) means sun radiation, it has an aggressive impact on how our skin ages, between 80 to 82 percent of our skin aging is caused by sun exposure.

Our body produces two types of melanin, PHEOMELANIN which is a mix between red and yellow in color, and EUMELANIN which is dark, brown to black. People with light-colored skin mostly produce pheomelanin, while those with dark-colored skin mostly produce eumelanin. Which means that dark-colored skin produces more melanin and has more natural protection from the sun.

The Sun Benefits And Damages

The sun contributes to maintaining good health, as it provides physical and emotional benefits such as activate circulation, favor the synthesis of vitamin D (calcium and phosphorus) strengthen bones and the immune system. But it starts affecting the skin variously when the body exposures to the sun without any kind of protection, it damages both the skin and the eyes, also it can lead to premature aging, blemishes, and even cancer.


Hyperpigmentation is an overproduction of pigment, and sun exposure is one of the biggest external cause of pigmentation and it can make existing disorders worse. Also it causes the darkened pigmentation, sun tanning and it changes the pigmentation of the skin due to melanin production as a defense against UV radiation that damages the skin, the tan is basically visible skin and cell damage.

How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

  1. One of the most important protection for your skin from any sun damage is through the eyes, cover your eyes from the sun, so using a sun glasses during the day light comes as a first protection you should think about.
  2. Use sunscreen, usually and after you clean and toner your face you need to use a sunscreen moisturizer that has SPF 30%, like Image or Neutrogena, I have tried them both in order to treat some cases and the results were great.
  3. Being not exposed to the sun as much as you can, Try to not be exposed to the sun for a lot of hours, especially between 12 to 3pm during the summer season, during this three hours the UV radiation is more strong and intensive and it could be very danger for your skin.

Quick Tips

  • Always keep your lips hydrated with chapstick.
  • Daily use of sunscreen/moisturizer like Image or Neutrogena
  • Wear a hat when you stay long time in a sunny place, sunglasses too
  • Hydrate your body and drink a lot of water
  • Use of alpha hydroxy acids product on a daily basis

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