Generation Beauty San Francisco by IpsyOS

In the middle of the past month I received an invitation from IpsyOS for their event Generation Beauty San Francisco version 2016, It was a pleasure to be there, I knew it would be a good opportunity to meet new people in the industry and having some new online connections.

Generation Beauty San Francisco 2016

Generation Beauty is an event that takes place every year in different states of the United States and Canada, it is a beauty experience that brings together the leading online beauty gurus and the best beauty brands for fun and networking.

Each event of Generation Beauty is about three days during a weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 1st day is only for the IpsyOS members, they call it Creators Party, otherwise the 2nd and the 3rd days are for the members and the public, this two days are open actually for every beauty gurus, Youtubers and their fans.

Creators Party

During the Creators Party you can have the opportunity to meet other beauty professionals, youtubers, creators and Instagram influencers, this cocktail party is the start of the Generation Beauty weekend (as they call it). Actually it was a nice party from open bar, appetizers platters, photo-booth, and entertainment, etc…

They gave everybody that night a huge beauty bag with a full size of beauty products as a gifts. This bag has a mix of products that people can use to create new content for their blogs, youtube channels and other social media platforms. I’ve been seing some of these creators doing different giveaways of these products for their followers in order to maintain a good relationship with the audiance.

The idea behind these gifts is to promote different brands and provide an honest online reviews for their products, based on the creators experience and comparing results, it is a real opportunity for these influencers to deliver a practical experience of different brands to serve and help their audiance.

Generation Beauty Weekend

The rest of the weekend as I explained before was for everybody, so we met a lot of interesting people and awesome beauty gurus, brand PRs as well as they were explaining everything for the attendants at their stands. It is another opportunity for those who are interested in collaborate with different brands and promote some of their products in order to generate some affiliate income.

Skin Care Brands

That’s what I was interested in during this event, they were different skin care brands at the spot, I loved it since I learned about some new brands at the industry and I’m wiling to start using them and comparing the results, and here is some of these brands:


Generation Beauty was a great opportunity for those who just started in the beauty world, their was a lot of support and most of the creators were helping everybody to get their foot in and making their voices out there, in addition this event was focused on youtube in most parts, because most of the influencers are youtubers and video makers,

Well Thanks ipsy for the invitation, it was a nice 3 days to spend in San Francisco this year.

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  • Estela Estremera

    This event was a great opportunity for you to meet with brands & other content creators to grow your brand. Sand Francisco sounded amazing!!!


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