How Important Is Water For The Skin

Water and skin are like siblings, we can’t forget about water since we talk about taking care of our skins. And just knowing that water is one of the six basic nutrients that everybody needs in a daily basics (along with vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals) is enough to realize how important water is for skin care treatment

How important is water for the skin

The body and skin both rely massively on water, It represents a large percentage of body weight, between 50% to 70%, also it helps cell health, assists in elimination of toxins and waste, aids in proper digestion,improves skin integrity, reduces the risk of pressure sores, and regulates body temperature. in general it helps the skin stay healthy, young-looking and well hydrated

What is well hydrated?

Being well hydrated is a good way to keep skin healthy and young-looking. The skin acts as a water reservoir and participates in fluid regulation for the whole body. Mild dehydration causes skin to appear flushed, dry and loose, with a loss of elasticity, which makes it look older than it is. The effects of dehydration on the skin are more noticeable on the face, than on the lower limbs.

Work in a hot environment leads to water loss as a result of sweating, and increased respiration. The rate of sweating varies among individuals and depends on environmental conditions, but in protective clothing and very hot conditions, sweating rates can reach 2.25 liters per hour. a high levels of sweating can quickly lead to dehydration if fluid is not replaced. However, sweating will only cool the body if the moisture is removed from the skin by evaporation. Some forms of protective clothing, particularly full encapsulation, may prevent evaporation and lead to overheating.

Drinking water for the skin facts

  • How much water should I drink everyday? Drinking 9 to 12 cups a day average, depending on body weight, but there is a quick formula helps you know how much you need exactly, take your body weight, divide it by 16, the resulting number is how many cups you need a day (one cup contains 8 oz)
  • Approximately half of water loss occurs through the operation of our lungs and skin
  • Dehydration produce less elastic skin
  • Water is important, but don’t overload it, drinking more than what you need of water a day does not give any good to your health or skin.
  • If you engage in any intense physical activities each day, try to add an additional 2 cups of water a day

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